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Did you support the Hollywood Facists in 2011?
A friend of mine sent me this question, and sadly, the answer is yes.  In no particular order, a list of the movies I saw in the Theater in 2011.  No home viewings, just movies I paid for:

The Kids are All Right (New Years Day Movie with Mom)
The Mechanic
Water for Elephants
Green Lantern
Bad Teacher
Larry Crowne
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- Part 2
Cowboys and Aliens
The Help
(in the midst of an Earthquake aftershock, no less)
Glee: The 3D Concert Movie
Real Steel
The Muppets

Actually, it's kind of a tame list given past years.  2012 is already off to a bang, two weeks in and these are the ones I've seen:

Young Adult (New Years Day Movie with Mom)
We Bought a Zoo (New Years Day Movie with Mom)
Tonight I'm seeing The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Stupid movie was sold out.  Instead we went to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  Surprisingly enjoyable.  Jeremy Renner is still yummy, and now that he's in shape for The Avengers, yummy has turned to lickable.
Monday I'm seeing Iron Lady

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Deal :) And Priest hat a few decent moments, remember? Like when we then went into the theater to see Bridesmaids?

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